Float like a bee


Isn’t that the famous quote?  Float like a bee, sting like a bee?

I’ve been trying to capture some bees in flight for you, as I did in those Euglossine bee photos from Costa Rica.  (i.e. this:

But it’s hard for a number of reasons.  Most bees are a lot smaller than that Euglossine above.

And the bees don’t hover in front of the scent bait, as the Euglossine did.  Instead, they hop around from flower to flower, and they are very fast and hard to keep in focus.

Instead of one bait to attract them to a central location, there are many flowers that they can visit, so I never know where they will bee next!

Sometimes I get them in this awkward half-taking off position that makes them look like they are levitating.

And sometimes I get someone else in the background, like a mystery.

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