Super Sick Saturday!

Yesterday I ventured downtown to Denver with my parents and my boyfriend and we ate glorious breakfast burritos, went to the art museum, AND experienced the chalk art festival! And the best part? It was super fun and cheap as dirt….just the way I like it!

The breakfast burritos at Benny’s are the and they’re basically the same price as a Qdoba or Chipotle burrito. Except theirs are served with potatoes, eggs, cheese, your favorite meat, and they are smothered in freshly made green chili! YUMMM. The only thing is, they are so big they last your stomach approximately 2-3 meals!! So be careful when planning your diet for the day! But regardless, I highly recommend Benny’s and their breakfast burritos. Also, if you order a soda, they give you a GIGANTIC cup and it’s obvious they’re not trying to rip you off when it comes to anything!

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