For many centuries the human form has been an ever-present theme in the art world. Interpretations and presentations of the body have  continuously evolved throughout time, and still continues today. From forbidden, stylized, realistic, abstracted to conceptualized, we have seen the human body in a variety of diverging styles. Along with differing styles, there is also an abundant range of such mediums as painting, performance, photography and sculpture to name a few. Despite these differences, the body’s elegant lines and softly flowing shapes remain.

With a theme that has such a precedence, one would imagine that it might be difficult to create a personal distinction. However these are a few of our favorites from a variety of artists with an inspiring feeling of individuality to them, while still representing the human form.

Conceptual photo by Gregoire Alexandre

by Sergei Usovic

Sculpture by Emil Alzamora

Sculpture by Emil Azamora

Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois

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