day 317: crossing

experiments in experience


Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf to meet with my friend. We met at the station and then headed to a Japanese restaurant on Immermannstraße. Since I’m allergic to all sorts of stuff, of course I couldn’t eat any of the meals there. However, I ordered a delicious mango juice and every now and then I had a bite of plain rice, which was actually quite nice considering. As close to eating out as I can get. Afterwards we walked towards the Altstadt, the old part of town, and on the way stepped into a robot shop. Yes, there actually is a robot shop in Düsseldorf. Apart from robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers they also had a few bug robots. They had different remote controlled ones with legs. Sadly they weren’t programmable or I probably would have bought one to play a bit. Does that all sound a bit…

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