I did it!

They Call Me Loopy

My three year old son, Grayson, has been trying lately to do things on his own instead of asking for help. He wants to get dressed on his own. He has learned taught himself (he doesn’t want help) how to put on his shoes. They might be on the wrong feet, but, hey, he did it. When he has managed one of these new accomplishments he always hollered “I did it!”. He is so proud. As am I. This new-found independence is even rubbing off on my little guy, Greer. At almost 16 months he is so striving to be like his big brother that he is already passing other kids his age by leaps and bounds. I don’t mean to brag…ok I do. They’re my kids! I’m allowed to think they’re the greatest beings in the world, right?

Every day it seems they teach me (and themselves)something new. Grayson’s confidence in himself…

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