Tale of the Dragons

4 aperture

Equipment: Sony A900, Zeiss 16-35mm, RRS L-plate, RRS BH-55 head, Gitzo 3531LS Tripod.  F16. 1/45 second. Iso 200.

When I first saw the images of Bisti Badlands five years ago, I was immediately attracted to the garden of sculpted hoodoos.  Since then, I have taken three trips into this badlands on the “Mars”.  Bisti have never failed to keep my fascination fresh.

It was a cloudy day in January of 2010 during my first visit to Bisti.  I was busy photographing a field small hoodoos when I suddenly noticed a series of rocks behind me.  I stood up and took a good look at it.  In my imagination, it looked like a dragon lying in front of me.   I took a few pictures, but the result was not particularly satisfactory mostly because of the featureless heavy cloud hanging over the sky.  During my second trip to Bisti in April of…

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