Building a Dream House: #2 in a Series (Exterior Selections)

Inspirational Details

Some General Notes about Our Builder: Jeff Paul Custom Homes (JPCH)

JPCH is  comprised of only 5 people including Jeff Paul himself.  From my observation of them, they are a close-knit group and use a “hands on” approach.  Each person is very good at their particular role in the company.  Jeff is easy going and very approachable.  If I make a phone call to Jeff’s direct line, it is he who answers the phone.  We like all of this about them.

 Jeff has 2 Construction Managers.  Our construction manager, Rick,  has worked for Jeff about 30 years.  If he sees something on our architectural plans that doesn’t seem right or he may think there’s a better way to do something, Rick will address his concerns with us and then let us make the decision of what we want to do about it, if anything.  Since we are building long distance, we find comfort in Jeff and Rick’s knowledge and experience in the industry and local area.

 Jeff’s staff also includes an interior designer, Jennifer, whose design expertise comes at no additional cost.  She provides input, suggestions, and guidance for…

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