Garden Shed makeover. By Hel Yes desgin Studio


Hel Yes, a design studio by Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth launched a greenhouse and shed kit a couple of years ago for gardeners. Substantially more aesthetically pleasing that garden sheds we’re accustomed to seeing, Hel Yes designer Linda Bergroth clearly thought so too. She customised the garden shed to make a summer home for herself. By adding a wooden floor, steps made from reclaimed bricks and solar panels for lighting, the simple shed takes on an architectural approach with this transformation, enabling it to fit seamlessly in with its surroundings, whilst providing the perfect view from the inside out.

But I look at the pics and keep wondering…. Is that Forrest hers? Is it her garden around the house? Or  will she wake up with fisherman staring at her in bed? Cant everybody see her at night? When the sun shines in…how does she keep it from blinding…

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