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Wednesday June 20   Amsterdam

Yikes, what a night. This day has consisted of a wide variety of emotional fluxuations, from giddy excitement to doubtful confusion, from patting myself on the back for being such a clever solo adventurer to cursing myself for being such a stubborn pigheaded dummy and doing this all alone.

The day started in Glasgow, where I walked around quite a bit and saw a lot of the city. A lovely place to visit, I had a nice little trip there. My flight left in the evening, and I had a moment of panic when we (myself and the girl I was staying with, Victoria’s friend from Indianapolis) couldn’t find the bus stop where I could catch the airport shuttle. As if I wasn’t sweating enough already, plodding along up and down the hilly city with my damned heavy backpack. But we eventually found it and I made it just fine. The flight was…

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