I’m Dreaming of a White Victorian….


I absolutely ADORE Pinterest!! How about you? I could spend hours browsing through the beautiful pictures, handy tips, and mouth-watering recipes. As a REALTOR®, I tend to look at and have seen some spectacular images of dream homes and cool decor on Pinterest.  So, I got to daydreaming yesterday about MY dream house and what it would look like. As your agent, I encourage you to do the same if you are planning to buy a new home. Aim high, dream big…it’s still a buyer’s market!!

So just for fun, let’s see what Rachel the REALTOR®, dancer, surfer, musician, wife, and Mommy would look for in a dream house ( we are talking just-won-the-lottery, unlimited budget here….)

First thing I would want in my dream home is a specific curb appeal.  I ADORE Victorian houses. My current home (which I LOVE in all of its simplicity, BTW) is not…

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