Photo(s) of the Day: Lake Point & Along the Avenue

Life Through a Lens

One of the things I love most about doing the majority of my portrait work outdoors is that I usually find an opportunity, between sets, to capture some of the beautiful scenery my city has to offer. While on an engagement shoot downtown this past Saturday, I took a few minutes to capture two of the most well known buildings that help make up our skyline: the Smurfit-Stone building on Michigan Avenue and the Lake Point Towers at Navy Pier.

Chicago has some of the most recognizable, and I’ll dare say, unique buildings dotting it’s skyline. You don’t have to live here to recognize the Smurfit-Stone building, with it’s diamond shaped, slanted roof, making our skyline very recognizable in movie scenes panning along the lakefront. (it was most recently “destroyed” in one of the latest Transformers movies) Hit Navy Pier and the wonderfully wavy Lake Point Tower stands tall…

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