Flinthills Romance with Artist Cally Krallman

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Prairie Twilight by Cally Krallman

With the romance of the perfect sunset over the grandeur of the Kansas plains, artist Cally Krallman brings to the canvas peaceful serenity that can only be found while visiting the Tallgrass Prairie Flinthills.

“Any artist can see the grandeur of the great mountains and oceans, but to find beauty in the simplest of rocky plains, tall native grasses, back roads, meandering creeks, and fields of grain takes someone who loves the region…loves the plains,” says Cally about her vision. “Regional art plays an important role in American history. I feel it not only records our place in time, but it is a window for others to see the ordinary in a not so ordinary way. I try to share that in each painting I create.”

Cally has been painting the Midwest for nearly 20 years. Throughout her professional career, her work has continued to gain attention from the arts…

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