Smoke and Mirrors


So I was browsing around the University Library today and I came across an excellent book “The Art of Atomhawk Design”.  And on the cover was an amazing image by the very talented Pete Thompson.  A stunning, piece I’m sure you’ll agree.  Full of drama and intensity.  However those as familiar with Deviantart as I am would immediately be put in mind of another image….

Look familiar?  This is a stock photograph by the equally talented Mjranum-stock of the beautiful Miss Mosh.  Now, before we go any further I must clarify a few points.  Mjranum-stock gives full permission for his images to be used in other peoples work. And Pete Thompson, to his credit, mentions a reference photo in his description of his image.

So why am I bringing this up you may ask?  Well my point is many artists do not bother to mention they have used reference imagery or even blatantly pretend they have not.  This is far from the first…

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