The color black

Paintings by Aline

It’s a paradox.  Scientifically, black is empty of color, and white, the color of light, contains all the colors. But an artist wishing to paint the color black selects all of the darkest colors on his/her palette and mixes them together.  It’s a  delicate balance to keep one of the original colors from dominating, but done right, it creates black.  So there are two kinds of black–the kind that is devoid of color, and the kind that contains all the colors.

Lately, I have been talking about painting all the colors I can find in Caucasian skin.  “White” skin.  More accurately, light skin.  Today I have two new paintings of a “black” model.  More accurately, a really dark-skinned model.  Not my first really dark skin, by any means, but my first while consciously searching for more color in skin tones.  I honestly don’t know, as I put this blog together…

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