Love to find more things in Life that we Everyday do…

So I would just Laze myself with my PC / Ipod touch surf the Network to find anything new. Then I’ll shared in to the Blog I’ve made which maybe what I’ve shared could be for you too.

PS : Now I’m in a state of wonder on how to face the time when my wife won’t be by my side forever as dated 29/06/2012 the Doctor confirmed after all test done she is with Bone Cancer stage 4.

Prayers is the only cure with hope that currently we had to see she’s happy to the end of her life. So I’m looking for whatever that there for me in Life that’ll make me inspired to live even more to a better life and learn as much as I can.

Yes.. Really sad but I’m happy I’ve made her happy since we married and will always will make her happier now and till her times come. Pray for her and Thanks for All who had me going to move on. GOD BLESS ALL.

My Wife

Pray for Her..


PS :

Miss You My Dear Beloved Wife

08JULY2012 : 08:09pm

Journey from National University Hospital she went thru pain after pain just to get reassurance that she’ll be fine. Even that pain comes to be a more painful suffers to me to see she is in pain.

After All that My Dear Beloved decided in the Medical Intensive Unit Care that she had to leave the world of what we had shared to be handle by me alone and She knows that I can do it. :(

Well… Life had to go on.
So I’ve decided as planned and now I know I can after successfully she had returned “home”.
Thanks to All and appreciate every single blessings and I know she is glad to received the blessing from all the friends we had shared with. Farewell My Beloved Wife.
Allah always will take care of you “There” and I’ll always pray for you and I will take care what’s left to build much much more better life for our children’s. Thank you my Dear.


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