Drawings of Oddities and Keepsakes

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Recently, I have been keeping my hands limber by making simple, linear life drawings. There’s nothing better than working with black Japanese sumi ink!

I have a vast collection of oddities and keepsakes– many of which I just unpacked after their exile in boxes from when I was living overseas. The three items on the right, the ceramic hen and cup and the small glass monkey-adorned jar are all new additions from the Thai-Burma border. Say yes to small treasures!

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DIY Doodle bookmarks

Make Something Mondays!


I love sharpies. They are wonderful! This one is so easy!


Things You Will Need:
Paint swatches

Step 1:
Cut your paint swatches however you would like.

Step 2:
Doodle with your sharpie.

Yes, seriously, that’s it. Sharpies make everything a bit more fun. I’m pretty standard with these but you can use different colored sharpies or possibly paint. I didn’t attempt paint but it could work. I recommend spraying them with a sealant so they don’t smudge but it’s not necessary. If you let them dry long enough they should be fine. Enjoy!

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Award-winning young sculptor comes of age with London exhibition

The School Creative Centre - Press

YYulia Podolska - sculptorulia Podolska, resident artist at The School has had an incredible three years following her arrival in the UK from Ukraine. First in 2010 she was awarded the Bronze Age Young Sculptor of the Year by the Society of Women Artists and had work selected for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition. In 2011 she was selected as one of 10 finalists in the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize. This endorsement was followed by the selection of her sculpture Montanka for the prestigious 150th Annual Exhibition at the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts and in 2012 she has now secured her place at the Summer Exhibition at the prestigious Medici Gallery in London (throughout August).

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Gregor Gaida – Aluminum Boys Destroy Art Gallery Floors

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Gregor Gaida lives and works in Bremen, Germany. His figurative sculptures often depict aggressive, even violent people engaging with eachother under unknown circumstances, as with this pair of mischievous aluminum boys titled Attaboys. Gaida says that he often bases his figures off of images found in magazines and books.

The found footage is often no more than an impulse that is no longer discernible in the further development of the shape. Analogous to photography, my objects are three-dimensional snapshots. The characters are frozen in movement and often cropped along imaginary image borders. I transport the fragmented character of photos into the third dimension. Simultaneously, when dealing with color and options of shaping, painterly characteristics appear. Thus, the life-sized special interventions are formally attributed to sculpture but are equally part of painterly and photographic categories. Via Colossal.

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