Pueblos Blancos, La Alpujarra

Paintings and Illustrations

This is a watercolour  of  white villages in La Alpujarra, Granada. The village in the foreground is Cadiar. Summer landscape.

The image size is 350mm x 250mm.

The original is for sale, mounted and framed for 200 euros.

Prints. Limited edition (1-100) signed prints on Arches Aquarelle paper are available for 35 euros..

If you click on the image it will enlarge.

All enquiries: info@margaretmerry.com

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Smoke and Mirrors


So I was browsing around the University Library today and I came across an excellent book “The Art of Atomhawk Design”.  And on the cover was an amazing image by the very talented Pete Thompson.  A stunning, piece I’m sure you’ll agree.  Full of drama and intensity.  However those as familiar with Deviantart as I am would immediately be put in mind of another image….

Look familiar?  This is a stock photograph by the equally talented Mjranum-stock of the beautiful Miss Mosh.  Now, before we go any further I must clarify a few points.  Mjranum-stock gives full permission for his images to be used in other peoples work. And Pete Thompson, to his credit, mentions a reference photo in his description of his image.

So why am I bringing this up you may ask?  Well my point is many artists do not bother to mention they have used reference imagery or even blatantly pretend they have not.  This is far from the first…

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10,000 hours


‘The Journey’ – 7″x9″
Southwest of Calgary, AB along Highway 22
Oil on Canvas  • SOLD
by Cheryl Peddie.

My morning coffee didn’t do the trick today. As I found my eyes getting heavier, my motivation to get to the studio began to fade. Then my Monday morning blues hit. My brain began to whirl – why on earth was I trying to ‘be’ an artist in the first place – after all how many artists really get anywhere with their craft anyways? Isn’t this really just a pipe dream? And besides, after all the years I’ve been painting if my work was ‘good enough’ wouldn’t I be selling tons of it already? With these questions nagging at me, I went looking for some inspiration online. Happily I found it. But maybe not in the places one would expect. I found it in Malcolm Gladwell’s theory of 10,000 hours. From his…

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Flinthills Romance with Artist Cally Krallman

Art Print Express | ARTitude

Prairie Twilight by Cally Krallman

With the romance of the perfect sunset over the grandeur of the Kansas plains, artist Cally Krallman brings to the canvas peaceful serenity that can only be found while visiting the Tallgrass Prairie Flinthills.

“Any artist can see the grandeur of the great mountains and oceans, but to find beauty in the simplest of rocky plains, tall native grasses, back roads, meandering creeks, and fields of grain takes someone who loves the region…loves the plains,” says Cally about her vision. “Regional art plays an important role in American history. I feel it not only records our place in time, but it is a window for others to see the ordinary in a not so ordinary way. I try to share that in each painting I create.”

Cally has been painting the Midwest for nearly 20 years. Throughout her professional career, her work has continued to gain attention from the arts…

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Through My Eyes: A Photographers Journey

Around our house we are a tad bit obsessive with our garden. We have tons of flowers!

My husband is the garden artist. He starts his gardening in February by starting seeds that he sows in the Fall.  We don’t have a greenhouse.  He starts everything indoors.  It can get messy.  But every year we say that it is worth it.  Doing what you love is always worth the mess.  Metaphorically speaking,  isn’t everything?

We are always out there weeding, transplanting, re-arranging, and watering.  But if I am being completely honest, he is the one responsible for our backyard paradise.  It is an English style garden with stone pathways.  Each one of those stones represents a hike or canoe trip in pursuit of the perfect flat rock!

I guess you could define our gardening style as shabby chic with the old chairs and pottery pieces placed strategically throughout the yard. We have…

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The color black

Paintings by Aline

It’s a paradox.  Scientifically, black is empty of color, and white, the color of light, contains all the colors. But an artist wishing to paint the color black selects all of the darkest colors on his/her palette and mixes them together.  It’s a  delicate balance to keep one of the original colors from dominating, but done right, it creates black.  So there are two kinds of black–the kind that is devoid of color, and the kind that contains all the colors.

Lately, I have been talking about painting all the colors I can find in Caucasian skin.  “White” skin.  More accurately, light skin.  Today I have two new paintings of a “black” model.  More accurately, a really dark-skinned model.  Not my first really dark skin, by any means, but my first while consciously searching for more color in skin tones.  I honestly don’t know, as I put this blog together…

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A Tolkienesque Adventure

La Paz Group

This Wednesday, I planned on walking from the school to Puerto Ayora on el camino viejo, or the “old path” that people used to walk before the asphalt road was created and cars became common. I had been told a few weeks before that the National Park recently cleared the trail and that it would be a great place to take kids to see quite a few species of finch and plenty of other birds. Last week I’d found the end of the trail on the upper edge of Puerto Ayora, and I thought I knew where to start from Tomás de Berlanga downhill.

I left the school at 10:45AM after covering 3rd graders for two hours between exams (we read eight or nine stories and then they played on their own) with my backpack full of food, snorkeling gear, and papier-mâché materials for my planned afternoon of lunch, the…

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